russian print
Member about Gustaw Klimt. 2007. oil on canvas. 100x80
Mirage. 1990. watercolour on paper. 56x76
Plain of Bawarien Girl. 2000. oil on canvas. 55x45
May be. 2001. oil on canvas. 94x68
Still-life. 1981. tempera on paper. 61,5x68
Red Land-slide. 1990. watercolour on paper. 50x65
Blue Buffalo. 1990. watercolour on paper. 56x76
Dark blue hem . 2000. oil on canvas. 70x70
Violet Ravine. 1996. tempera on paper. 51x65
Etude №9. 1992. oil on canvas. 68,5x94,5
Still Life with red vase. 1980. paper, tempera. 83,7x60
In sitting Posture. 1982. paper, tempera. 83,3x59,2
Botton of the Sea. 1990. paper, watercolors. 50x65
It is drizzling impression. 1989. paper, watercolors. 55x75